Top Places to Visit

How I created my blog

dfytMany people today are tired or bored with life. He has lost the enthusiasm and his work is not satisfactory. That’s why all ever, at some point in our lives, we thought what it would break with everything and know new places, new experiences, see how other people live, discover that lies beyond the horizon.

  • London:
    London is the perfect city shop must have seen once every fashionista. Besides shopping, you can find in London a lot of hotspots in the culinary field, especially in the districts of SoHo and Chinatown. There is plenty to do in the evening in this metropolis known for its major theaters.

Places to visitxg

  • Tower of London, the architectural attraction of London
  • London Eye, the Ferris wheel a great view of the city gives
  • National Gallery, hang in the museum many works of masters
  • Camden Market, an amalgamation of different markets
  • Soho and Chinatown, two neighborhoods with all the hot spots in the culinary field
  • Hyde Park, London has many well-kept parks where this is the most famous
  • West end, the entertainment district of the city
  • Globe Theatre, beautiful theater from the time of Queen Elizabeth
  • Berlin:
    Berlin is both history lovers and hip traveler into his own. So Berlin is full of xcfgspecial structures and sites in and around Mitte (central Berlin) but is the suburbs also full of countless hotspots that attract the hippest residents and visitors. What’s hot today may be tomorrow already out. Please ask the receptionist of the hotel also for tips, they are often well informed.

Places to visit

  • The Kreuzberg and Fries Rich Hein, here you can find small workshops and hotspots of local creatives.
  • The Berlin Wall
  • Brandenburg Gate
  • Holocaust memorial
  • Friedrichstrasse, here you can find all designers and brands together
  • Paris:
    The city of love. Paris is ideally suited for a romantic city break with your partner. The city is also known as a fashion city, all the big designers, but also lesser known coutiers are located here. Enjoy the surroundings can from the many terraces but there are also many attractions.

Places to visit:fcvgh

  • The Eiffel Tower, especially at night
  • Champs-Elysées, this famous shopping has to be seen
  • Arc de Triomphe
  • The Louvre, the largest museum of Paris
  • Castle of Versailles
  • Bangkok:

The country’s capital is a huge and vibrant city where you can visit the Royal Palace, temples, parks, giant malls, markets huge street and you can find a party any day of the week.

Places to visit:

  • Khao Yai National Park, the best national parks in Thailand
  • Ayuttahya, The ruins of the ancient capital of Thailand
  • Kanchanaburi, in Kanchanaburi you can visit The Bridge on the River Kwai and other historical sites of World War II
  • Hua Hin, pretty beach town visited by both local and foreign tourists and Perfect for Kite Surfing
  • Koh Samet, A small island on which get an idea of what awaits further south